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Game-field of jk-ware Theater


With jk-ware Theater Blocker Plains, Color LIFE Sound and Perpetuum mobile can be started multiple times and run simultaneously.

Each game can occupy the size of the framework-window partially or completely or can share the place with the other games.

The game-windows become with the menu-point „Windows“ arranged overlapped, side by side or one on the other.

Think and purpose of Theater is to test the capability of the computer playfully. The on this occasion selected window-order can be stored to the later recall as configuration.

The course in the individual

jk-ware Theater is a framework-program where the game-programs of jk-ware can become started as MDI-Window (MDI = Multiple Document Interface).

Each program becomes under Windows™, as individual task (Thread) declared and gets the microprocessor allotted alternate for a small term.

Hereby, a seemingly simultaneous course of the games emerges on computers with one processor.

Only on systems with multi core processors, is ideally each program a processor core allocated, whereby the games are played simultaneously.


Windows™ makes available only a restricted capacity on system-, user- and graphic-resources. If these are depleted, no further game can be started.

Blocker Plains and Perpetuum mobile requires many resources of Windows so that only some instances of the programs can run out simultaneously.

Color LIFE Sound requires few resources, for it however with big generations some memory of the computer.

On new PC-Systems with Windows™7 or subsequent operating-systems, these problems only appear with many started programs. This is taken into account also with the Theater-configurations prepared by jk-ware.

With ongoing course-problems, the cause can also be the drivers for the sound- and graphic-card, if these are not suitable for multithreading.

Working with the configuration-files

The configuration-files contain the registration-data under „HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\jk_ware\Theater\4.0\Konfig“. Through „Program\Selection\Save... “ are written these data into a *.cfg-File. At Reloading with „Program\Selection\Load...“ are read the data under the above registration-key.

Caution! When reading a new configuration-file, the current game-construction gets lost irretrievably.

If game-data get like the champions-list of Blocker Plains or the current arithmetic-rules to the quest of beautiful Color LIFE-Pattern should remain, these must be stored into a configuration-file, before they are replaced by a new.

A change of the registration-data should even be planned only from Theater !

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