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Game-field of Perpetuum mobile


Perpetuum mobile is an interactive, three-dimensional video-animation that also can be used as screen saver.

The game field of Perpetuum mobile is an open room in which the observer looks into.

The game-window can be altered variably in the size. Hereby, also the room-depth changes, which is then the smaller window-side multiplied with the room-depth-factor.

The movement of the balls in the room can take place randomly or controlled by the selection of their start-arrangement and movement-direction.

A small reaction-game can the further be started with the aim to hold with the appearing Blocker at the uppermost room-position preferably many balls in the game. The current and the highest reached ball-number becomes shown left-above in the game-window and additionally on the base 2-dialogside.


The animations- or game-course begins through selection of ”Start !” from the Popup-Menu appearing at the current cursor-position or with the ”Start / Stop !” button of the basis-dialog-window.

With the menu-selection „Show-course“ changes the listener- to the spectator-position. With the positions „Elevator“ and „First ball“ moves the spectator in the room itself.

For the spectator-position „Elevator“ can be changed the elevator-speed with a movement of the cursor over the game-window.

An utilization of Perpetuum mobile as screen saver becomes through the menu-point ”Screen saver !” introduced. Hereby, the game-window is brought on a maximum size. The program-attitudes keep their validity otherwise.

The background can be changed over the menu-point “Room-graphic".

With an existing sound-card, you can over ”Sound-topic” of the Popup-menu or the sound dialog-page select under different Animations- and game accompanied sound-topics or turn off the output of the sound-card.

It becomes realized a multi voices (simultaneous) three-dimensional output of the sounds of a topic, with which you can change your listener-position (details to this in the help-texts of the basis- and the sound dialog-side).

With the right mouse-button, the Pause- or F2-button can be interrupted Perpetuum mobile. With the as a result indicated Popup-menu, the wished alterations can be planned for the animations-, game- or screen saver-course.

Much fun and benefits with it !

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